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2 thoughts on “About

  1. I am looking forward to reading and learning from this blog. It seems that our ideas coincide to some extent, for example the Guardian item about the keeping our children happy. The challenge is to focus on that ‘objective’ while dealing with everything else that is thrown at us.

    • Indeed. As my daughter has turned eighteen, I realise that I have, at times, tried too hard and, at other times, done too little. And occasionally I have got it just right. The more we offer up our own experience, not as success or failure but as evidence of an endless experiment, to be scrutinised and evaluated, the greater the chance of success. I have spent the evening with my daughter’s best friend – a talented musician who will be able to choose where she studies – and talked through a lot of what is important to young people. I learn best by listening and then exploring: she taught me a lot.

      So good luck with your exploration!

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