Speaking of Maths

…which I don’t do often enough, do your read Alex Bellos? He writes regularly in the Guardian and published one of my favourite non-fiction books, Alex’s Adventures in Numberland

I found his New Year’s challenge stimulating and, well, very hard. All you had to do was insert operators into the digits 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 and 0, keeping the digits in the same order, and arrive at the answer = 2014. Could you? Have a look at the responses and see the many, many different ways of doing it. Fun!

That’s just where it began. His online column introduced me to these mathematical thinkpieces. Why not fritter away a few minutes with them…

The only thing “sexy” about this is the title, which is a cheap way of introducing fun with prime numbers.

Here’s a game that had me absolutely hooked. So simple and yet so clever.

Two accessible videos that make maths so exciting!

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